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Mixed Martial Arts (grades K-2, session 2)

Mary Tons

Mixed Martial Arts (grades K-2, session 2)

$ 45.00
There are currently 25 spaces available in this class.

At Martial Arts America Kenwood/Landen, Karate is much more than just kicking and punching. We teach kids how to become the best they can be! Our Karate Kids learn the skills to do well in school, be more cooperative at home and to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. As a member, your child will be a part of a proven, quality program that builds strong character with our Personal Achievement Academy; our Bully Prevention/Awareness program; our Stranger Awareness/Abduction Prevention Program as well as learn about having a Strong Mind/Strong Body! Each class your child will learn basic strikes, blocks and kicks to build a strong foundation in marital arts, as well as basic “Break Away- Run Away” moves for self-defense! The combination of balance, coordination and fitness with our premier character building program that emphasizes RESPECT, FOCUS, PERSEVERANCE and SELF-DISCIPLINE creates Strong – Confident Kids!

Instructor Mary Tons, is a 4th Degree Black Belt, Senior Instructor and proud of Owner of Martial Arts America Kenwood/Landen. Mrs. Tons’ passion is to teach kids and adults to be strong and confident in mind, body and spirit! With a strong emphasis on practical self-defense and street smart martial arts Mrs. Tons strives to build champions in and out of the studio! Martial Arts America Kenwood/Landen is a Family Training Facility that offers many opportunities for families to grow strong and confident together!

Martial Arts America Kenwood/Landen 513.518.0872

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