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Why are some courses more expensive than others?
We offer classes at a variety of price points, ranging from $35 to $75 for a four-week session. Some courses require materials (art and magic supplies, science experiment materials) that increase the cost of the class. The class prices are all inclusive; parents will not be asked to pay any additional fees or bring any supplies to class.

Where do the proceeds go?
The Wyoming Winter Enrichment Program is a service for parents sponsored by the PSA. Any additional funds remaining after paying the instructors and administrative costs are given to the PSA.

Do you offer scholarships?
The Wyoming Winter Enrichment Program is committed to helping families with financial need. If your child qualifies for free lunch in the Wyoming City School district, you are eligible for a scholarship. To apply, please contact Jackie Barnes ( as soon as possible.

My child didn’t get into the class that she wanted. Is there a waitlist?
In this situation, please contact Josh Barnes ( Some of our most popular classes fill up very quickly, so we recommend registering early to get the classes your child wants.

How can I change classes or cancel my child’s registration?
It may be possible to change classes, though it is dependent on enrollments. If you need to cancel your registration, we can refund your money minus an administrative fee. In both cases, please contact Josh Barnes (

What happens if we have severe weather?
In cases of severe weather, we may have to cancel classes. We will contact parents by email by 8:00 a.m.