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Hand Building with Clay (grades K-4, session 2)

Wyoming Winter Enrichment Program

Hand Building with Clay (grades K-4, session 2)

$ 60.00

Students really get a feel for building with clay, creating flat and 3-D pieces and learning several painting techniques that are transferable to other mediums.

Days 1 & 2:  Create one piece from clay each day.  I demonstrate the properties of clay, discuss where clay comes from and help students understand the process of turning clay into ceramic.

Day 3:  Students see their 1st piece as ceramic bisque.  We cover how it has changed and what I did to make it into ceramic.  Children get to paint the piece they made on day 1 and also get to create a piece(s) from their imagination.

Day 4:  Children paint the piece they made on day 2 and any additional pieces they made on day 3.  They take the piece they made on day 1 home!

Final pieces return to my workshop for glazing and firing. The pieces will be picked up Saturday March 9th, 1 week after the final class, at 84 Central Terrace in Wyoming.

Ann Flynn, owner of Star Glazers, has helped thousands of people of all abilities create pottery masterpieces of their own. Her experience over 15 years in business has helped refine her program so that everyone succeeds, learns a lot and has tons of fun! She teaches enrichment classes in over a dozen area schools and offer a mobile, paint-your-own pottery service for birthdays, ladies groups, Scouts, afterproms, etc.

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